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Check the Deposit

Would you deposit your money, your time, your energy, or anything of value to you into something you didn’t believe in? No? Neither would God. Check out what he says here in 2 Corinthians 1:21-22: “Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his […]

That Was The Last Time

That was the last time

That i will let you play with me

That was the last time

That you’ll will get to see any part of me

You thought that you could play this game

But you didn’t think that you would lose

A chance to be with the […]





You’ll grow to love my scars

They are a reflection

A reflection that represents



And future


Right now, you see them

They are scary


You’re scared because my scars

My precious scars

Are a reflection of your own

Your beaten, and bruised, and […]

Happy 4th of July Thoughts

This is the first year in 4 years that I haven’t spent the 4th of July in Los Angeles. That thought appeared moments before I began this post. And I’m feeling a way about that. 

The Fourth of July is about family. To me, a black man, the fourth isn’t indicative of “our” freedom, […]

Chapter Review: “Power in Choice”

“The best choices aren’t always easy, but we must make them to reflect the character of Jesus.”



Hebrews 3 says, “When you hear His voice, do not harden your heart.” For a long while, I had the misconception that if and/or when God speaks, there would be a loud, clear voice in which He’d use to communicate His desires. As I spiritually matured and actually began conversing with God on a […]

That’s How Much I Love You


I’ll never forget the night we met. You have your sunglasses on. Vibin’. Dancing. You just knew you were the s-h-i-t. And I knew I wanted you. That physical attraction became a love attraction. You stole my heart. It was completely accidental. Two worlds clashing into one. You “cut off the hoes” for ya […]

The First ‘I Love You’

Today was the first time he said it. Those three words that everyone yearns to hear. Those three words that God created the entire universe for. Those three words that Jesus died for us for. Three words that a man would risk it all for. Those three words that changes a life – my […]

Tunnel Vision

It’s not about proving others wrong, it’s about proving yourself right. Getting to a place where you recognize God’s vision for your life, accepting it, and doing everything in your power to make that vision your reality. 

I just gave my own self a reality check. I have a good friend who told me […]

To Grandmother

“Baby Jay!” That’s what she calls me. That’s the beginning of our relationship. When she was introduced to me for the first time, and she held me in her arms, those are the words that came from her lips. And I’ve forever been her “Baby Jay!”