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The Intrinsic Beast

Before we get started… Hey, y’all. I can’t believe it’s been since April. Whew! Um… I really have no excuse. I’ve just allowed myself to become distracted by things that ultimately do not matter. And there it is. And I want to start this by saying that. I’ve always been very transparent on here, […]

The Fight of Faith

I’ve been fighting the devil all week. I’m exhausted. But what gives me hope is know that the fight is fixed, and I have already been declared the winner.


Cleansing Your Palate

“You can’t be holding on to the past and at the same time have open hands to receive what God is trying to give you in the now.” – Devon Franklin


An Appreciation of Self Value

For a long time I lived for the validation of others. Subconsciously and unintentionally, but that fact still remains. But God, over the past three years, has shifted my mindset and grown me in ways I was not expecting. This growth has been painful, stressful, and at times, more than I thought I could […]

In the Morning

You know those first ten to twenty seconds when you first wake up in the morning. Those first seconds of total freedom. You are aware of your life, your beingness; but you aren’t yet aware of all the “other” going-on’s in your life. In those first grateful seconds, we are the most thankful that […]

9 Days Away

Change is here.

I’ve spent a lot of time in second place. I’ve let other people place me there, or I’ve unintentionally placed myself there trying to be the best for others. Trying to be everything for everyone but myself. No more.

I’m 9 days away from 30. Honestly, I was […]

He Was There All The Time

One of the most valued lessons I’ve ever learned has come over these past few weeks. That lesson was strengthened by a conversation I had with a friend today.


Lessons From The Lord

These past couple of weeks, God has been gathering me. Every time I turn around, He’s teaching me a new lesson, convicting me in areas that I’ve clearly missed the mark in.


African American Book Festival

Over the weekend, I traveled to Austin, TX to participate in the African American Book Festival. It was definitely a major milestone to be able to speak to a room full of book lovers and fellow writers, and to present my latest book “A Vision of Victory.”


The Peace That Comes With Silence

For the next 30 days, I’ve decided to abstain from social media and sex. I’ve deleted all the apps from my phone and made a reluctant, if I am being honest, promise to God that I would not share the intimacy of my soul with another person.