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“Scars are the Proof of His Power.” – Steven Furtick

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He is absolutely right, “scars are the proof of His power.” Let’s take this a step further: it is also proof that His power lives within us. Our bodies are magical (in the God sense). Our bodies endure so much, yet it replenishes itself all throughout the day. When something bruises us, our bodies instantly begins the process of healing itself. Think about how demonstrative that is of God’s healing power infused within our very own bodies. It is a form of worship.
And now that we have evidence that God’s power lives within us all; we now must access that power. The potential of that untapped power is insurmountable. We are really powerful beyond imagine. But we are too distracted by our going-on’s that we don’t access that power. But when we get into our secret place, and we then mediate and focus on God and His power that is within us, we can truly begin the process of changing our own lives. We can rebuke the devourer. We can enlarge our territories. We can speak life over ourselves. We can break curses. We can make our dreams manifest.
Here are some action steps:
  1. require yourself to spend a significant amount of fine with God each day. Plan it out and hold yourself accountable for sticking to it.
  2. Recognize the God that lives in you! His power lives within you. Use your access.
  3. “To whom much is given, much is required.” When you begin to access That power, you have a responsibility to help others, to lead others back to Christ. You have a responsibility to be the Hand and Feet, the Goodness of God.