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Goodness Gracious


The goodness of God is in His grace…and we get a fresh batch of it every morning.😩🥰 He’s already been TOO good. If He did nothing else, He’s already done enough. But He genuinely loves doing and being good to us. He wants it so much he gives us a new grace, a new good, each day. Grace is God’s goodness. 

Sad part: Even though we don’t deserve His goodness. I mean, if I’m gone tell the truth! And He knows, and the believers know, that He is going to give us His goodness (grace) in spite of that. Yet, we still choose to sin. Ouch. Who else got hurt by that last FACT? 

Who wouldn’t want to serve such a forgiving and good, gracious God? Who wouldn’t want to be a child to the best Father there is? 

We’re a bunch of dirty, whiny, messy little children. And, He still loves us! He’s still GOOD to us. He still gives His GRACE to us? He’s picks up our whiny, dirty, messy selves and He washes us over and makes us clean 🧼 🧽. He washes us with The Blood of Jesus. It’s the only thing powerful enough to make us clean. The Blood never loses its power. This is what makes it the perfect detergent when we are covered in sin. Even when we keep making mistakes, there is more Blood. This is why the Bible says’ “where sin abounds, grace abounds there more.” There is more blood than sin. It never ceases. And when we’re all clean, there’s a new batch of grace with our name on it. I’m thinking this as I am writing ✍🏽 it: The Blood was God’s grace. Giving us access to the power of Jesus’ Blood was probably the good-est and definitely the most gracious thing God did for mankind.