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Cleansing Your Palate

“You can’t be holding on to the past and at the same time have open hands to receive what God is trying to give you in the now.” – Devon Franklin

While vacationing in Los Angeles over the weekend, I streamed my local Houston church service during my Sunday morning workout. During the message, the pastor made an analogy that is still resonating with me as I mediate on it.
One night in NYC, on a date with his wife, the pastor noticed the servers brought a lemon sorbet for he and his wife to enjoy prior to serving the main course. The purpose of the sorbet is the cleanse the pallet of the mouth, so the flavors of the food are more enjoyable. He went on to detail how the tongue has memories, which is what makes the sorbet -the cleanse – so critical before receiving the meal. Without cleansing the pallet, the flavors of the new dish could not be as impactful, as the tongue is confused, for the lack of a better term.
As I reflected on this, I considered my current insecurities. It made me ponder the fact that many of my insecurities are based on experiences I’ve had, and how those experiences have taken root into my pallet. Those experiences are the foundation of certain insecurities I have; and I have to deal with them to release myself from their bondage.
I believe this is powerful for us all because at some level we all have had experiences that subconsciously stay with us longer that we are aware of. And if we are not careful, these things can hinder our sanity, our relationships, and future experiences that we may have.
The message was definitely for me as I am in desperate need of a pallet cleanse. I can’t continue to allow past hurts, past disappointments, or past losses to hinder where God is trying to take me in this season.
This is what’s so powerful about God: He has always given us the power to cleanse our pallet. The sorbet to cleanse our soul is prayer and feeding ourselves with the Bread of life – God’s Word. Once we recognize the source of our insecurities, or habits, or our fears, then we can, through prayer and feeding from The Word, we can begin the cleanse we so desperately need.
It won’t be easy and it will take practice. All throughout the day we must pray without ceasing. This requires us searching through our thoughts constantly, identifying the ones which stem from a bad experiences. When we recognize those thoughts, we have to replace them with thoughts of power, and thoughts of love and affirmation. After that, thanking God for the shift that is surely coming and focusing on self-healing.
The key is to not allow the bad pallet to destroy our existing or pending relationships, positions, and/or opportunities. Don’t allow past experiences to have you living in fear and doubt. We must take on the Godlike mentality and live from a place of victory. Our past has no power dictating our future unless we relinquish it over to it.
So make the decision to cleanse your pallet. Don’t hold on to the past, let it go. Lay it at the feet of Jesus. Hand over those burdens of disappointment, hurt, and trust. Live from a place of freedom and expectancy of all great things.
“Father, we thank You for a clean pallet. We thank You for giving us the victory over our past and for breaking every stronghold. We thank you for repairing damaged relationships, missed opportunities, a deflated statuses. We thank You that the things of old have passed away and we make room to receive new blessings. Give us the strength and knowledge to navigate experiences with the temperament of the righteous so that each experience brings us out better than before and not hinders us. Lord, You said that ALL THINGS are working together for our good. We believe and receive that. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”