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“Forever He is glorified. Forever He is lifted is lifted high. Forever He is risen. He is alive! He is alive!”



Treat me like a King, fuck me like a beast

Take me out the club, keep me out the streets 

Teach me everything you know

Love me like there’s no tomorrow Take me on a wild adventure

Expose me to something new

Be the man in my fairytale, 

and I’ll forever be true Give […]

I Hear You, Lord

“Your life matters. God has a calling and plan for your life. If you don’t know your history, you won’t understand your destiny. Your destiny is connected to your history and your legacy. Be a legacy driven person.” @PhilMunsey #LakewoodChurch


The First ‘I Love You’

Today was the first time he said it. Those three words that everyone yearns to hear. Those three words that God created the entire universe for. Those three words that Jesus died for us for. Three words that a man would risk it all for. Those three words that changes a life – my […]

Returning to Houston

I, unfortunately, had to end my vacation way sooner than I wanted to. I booked a flight last night at 11pm for this morning. 

As I uber’d to the airport, I could hardly stomach looking out the window. Los Angeles has so many people I love and care for; my heart is there. How […]

Happy 4th of July

Currently in L.A. on vacation. I’m in an uber and I look over to my right… I see two black men driving in a BMW 3 series with Minnesoda license plates. My eyes venture through the vehicle and in the black I see a pile of clothes. This scheme was all too familiar. They […]