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Memories of 12

I wrote a new piece that I will share with my students in the “Conscious Poetry” class that I am teaching next week. Anytime that I write, I have to place myself in an emotion or time period to truly evoke every feeling that I feel like I should feel […]

Perception Vs. Reality

I had a moment last night after I allowed someone to treat me a particular way that wasn’t how I like to be treated. It brought me to a really bad space in my mind. Like, I really became sad after the incident happened. The funny thing is, I don’t even think the person […]


I think we feel in love by accident

It wasn’t supposed to happen the way it did

We were doomed from the start

But I kept on loving you anyway

We almost ruined one another

Broken promises and all of […]

Destiny… It has to Happen

Hey, Fancy Friends! I’m coming with some brief words of encouragement tonight. So, all of last week I had a friend in town from NYC. It was so good to see him. Every time we link up, we speak about the positive things we have going on and encourage one another. It was great […]

Passion or Paycheck


I was having dinner last evening with a good friend who happens to be a Stylist / Style Director for a magazine. We were conversing about many things, but during the conversation we spoke about how sometime we let a paycheck come before our passion for doing what we love. So it gets […]

Over Ain’t Easy

I was on one of my nightly twitter rants discussing venting about the last relationship that I was in while I was in Houston. And part of my frustration is that we never had closure. I spoke with “him” today. It was hard; it’s always hard. I never got over him. This was the […]

Watch: Episode 3 of Tha Life: Houston


Episode 3 of “The Mr. Fancy Show”, I mean “Tha Life: Houston” debuted today via YouTube. I’m going to take a different approach and write as a viewer, and not a cast member. I must say that I am happy to finally get a chance to get to know the cast members personally. […]

Push Into Your Purpose

Hey again, Fancy Friends. I hope everyone has been well since the last blog. Today’s message is about purpose. Purpose is one thing we all have in common, because each and every last one of us have one.