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Behind The Scenes: Beyonce’s Wardrobe ‘The Mrs Carter Show’ World Tour



Beyonce‘s infamous fashion director, Ty Hunter, takes us behind the scenes of ‘The Mrs Carter Show’ World Tour wardrobe.  Beyonce, among being the hottest chick in the game, is a fashion icon. Many artist look up to her for inspiration as to how to run their music campaigns, style, and work ethic.

This video highlights a major part of Beyonce’s show; her wardrobe. Some may think Beyonce wears her outfits just to be cute, but in all actuality each outfit is strategically designed for each part of the show to compliment each performance. This Behind The Scenes is a very interesting watch.

An exclusive look behind the scenes of The Mrs. Carter Show tour outfits with Beyoncé’s style team. Watch a never-before-seen look at her stage outfits by designers ranging from The Blonds to Versace and Emilio Pucci.